A hacker is struggling to disrupt a currently used blockchain voting system for constitutional changes in the Russian Federation.

As reported by the Russian news agency TASS, the head of the IT government of the Moscow government, Artem Kostryko, said that an observation node in the blockchain was targeted by hackers, but the system still works properly. In the published report, there is no detailed information about what hackers can reach and how much they penetrate the system.

“Currently, increased security mode has been introduced. There was no interruption in the voting and all votes will be recorded on the blockchain with guarantee. ”

According to the previous statement by the Central Election Commission, the website was reportedly unable to handle the overload and collapsed temporarily.

According to Golos Grigory Melkonyants, the head of Russia’s election observers movement, independent observers did not link to the blockchain, and this could pose a problem. Melkonyants also said in a statement that the voting was carried out in the Moscow Information Technologies Department and that they recommended that the system be distributed at least among the regional polling stations, but was not accepted.

As a result of the voting, the Russians will now have a say in the constitutional amendments, and most importantly, it will be decided whether to extend the term of the current president, Vladimir Putin.


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