Yoon Hak SUPERNOVA has finally been declared cured of COVID-19.

On Friday (15/06) SUPERNOVA agency in Japan, SV Entertainment announced that Yoon Hak had been discharged from the hospital after completing treatment for COVID-19.

The agency wrote, “On April 1, Yoon Hak was hospitalized in Seoul after being diagnosed positive for COVID-19, and now on May 15 he has been discharged from the hospital after undergoing treatment for a month.”

“We believe that this can happen thanks to the warm words and support you have provided so far. We will work hard so that Yoon Hak can continue his activities and we will continue to monitor his health. ”

Yoon Hak also expressed her feelings after recovering from COVID-19, “I want to apologize for making you feel uncomfortable and worried. I gained a lot of strength through the support I received while in hospital and as a result I was able to undergo long-term treatment with a strong heart. ”

Yoon Hak was tested positive for COVID-19 on April 1, after returning from Japan on March 24 and began experiencing symptoms of the COVID-19 virus on March 27. He is the first positive Korean celebrity to suffer from COVID-19.

Congratulations on Yoon Hak for his recovery!


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