Half-Life: City 17, a map of Alyx, has been remade in Far Cry 5. A user from Reddit has created the map from scratch without sacrificing the details of the map.

Half-Life has appeared in the virtual reality game Half-Life: Alyx in recent months and this game has attracted a lot of attention from the players. The game was the first virtual reality game in the Half-Life series. A user from Reddit converted the game’s favorite map, City 17, to the Far Cry 5 map. Including every detail of the map, the designer carried the scenes used to see in the game to Far Cry 5.

Half-Life: Since Alyx is the virtual reality game of Half-Life, we can say that it is enormous for the visuals in the game. City 17 is a Half-Life: Alyx map famous for its huge castle views and rooftops. The map, which fascinates almost everyone who plays the game, is engraved in people’s memories.

Look at City 17 like this:

This map, which makes the post-apocalyptic life feel as much as you can, draws you inside while playing the game. If you want to shoot those who leave the next room with the gun in your hand, then we recommend that you play the map through Far Cry 5. Having the Far Cry 5 experience on such a beautiful map can delight all Far Cry players.

Those who are curious about the map do not need to have Half-Life: Alyx. The designer named SaintPerkle on Reddit has adapted the map to Far Cry 5. This reconstructed map, including items and balconies, looks really beautiful. Half-Life: The designer, who even includes Alyx’s surveillance office, seems to have taken his job very seriously.

Of course, this map does not offer users a complete virtual reality experience, but we do not think that it is the purpose, since it is worth remembering that this is a Far Cry 5 map. You can find the map that can be played in the PC version of the game here. You can share your thoughts about the map with us in the comments section.


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