Crypto currencies have started to show themselves in the field of sports, as in every sector. After his attacks, Carolina Panthers acquired the BTC payment system.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, half of NFL player Russel Okung’s $ 13 million 2020 contract will be paid in Bitcoin.

Okung, 32, first expressed his wish to be paid by the cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin in May 2019, and the player whose wish came true on Tuesday became the first NFL player to receive payments in Bitcoin. During those 20 months, Bitcoin’s price has risen more than 225% and reached an all-time high.

As for why it wasn’t 100%, Okung said, “My wife hasn’t fully figured out the system yet.” Working as its own agent, Okung signed a four-year $ 53 million deal with Los Angeles Chargers in 2017. The American football player states that he has been a Bitcoin supporter for a while and has consistently endorsed him, including on his Twitter account.

Okung also shared that “The next decade will be about the mass adoption of Bitcoin.”

However, Okung is not the first to discover cryptocurrencies in the American sports league. Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie also tokenized his contract.

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