Halide Mark II application is now compatible for iPad tablets.

The popular iPhone camera app Halide, developed by Lux Optics, has been completely redesigned and launched for iPad tablets with a tablet-friendly user interface. The application, which was redesigned in October and now named Halide Mark II, brought many new features with it. Among them were the renewed interface, RAW photography and editing, and new visualization tools.

In the photography application, which will be very useful for those who want to take advantage of the cameras of the new iPad Pro tablets with M1 processor, it is stated that taking photos with an iPad is not as easy as taking photos with an iPhone. The reason for this is the screen size, which is too large to fit comfortably in your field of vision. That’s why Lux has designed Pro View, which shrinks the viewfinder down to the middle of the screen, allowing users to shoot quickly without missing details on the edges. Thus, the extra space created by downsizing the viewfinder is not wasted, and instead an advanced manual mode, histogram, waveform and professional features are provided. Lux also has the Tech Readout feature, which controls the cameras’ features locally and allows users to view the properties of each camera.

Halide for iPad also allows users to switch between right and left hand modes. This feature becomes critical when working on a two-handed device instead of one.


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