Company of Heroes 3 News: We tested one of the most anticipated RTS in recent years


When we talk about Real Time Strategy games, the StarCraft game will most likely come to mind. However, in this competitive genre, the best qualified in its history has been Company of Heroes.

Now, after 8 years of rest, Company of Heroes 3 is coming, which has elements that will remind you more of the first part than of its sequel.

This is partly because infantry combat is back in the spotlight, the resource system is no longer hybrid as in the sequel and in general many of the adjustments and balance of this third part are based on the 2006 game instead of the one from 2013.

Why did they build on the first game instead of the sequel? We spoke with Andrew Deneault, Lead Campaign Lead Designer and Sacha Narine, Lead Mission Designer to find out.

‘Company of Heroes has a lot of passion and nostalgia. Before the first Company of Heroes there hadn’t been such a thing, so we looked at this game and the things we wanted to modernize.

And listening to the community, they were interested in the simpler things that the first game had, like the doctors or the skills that were simpler. They preferred that.

So we went back to the first Company of Heroes both because of the community and because we are aware that we are still obsessed with the first game, ” Andrew Deneault explained.

We already played Company of Heroes 3 a pre-alpha version and these are our impressions.

The weight of a franchise established as Company of Heroes

The first thing you should know is that Company of Heroes 3, like its predecessors, takes place during the Second World War.

The Company of Heroes 3 pre-alpha led to the German occupation of Italy in 1943, however there will also be portions of North Africa and other parts of the Mediterranean.

Combining action, tactics and strategy, the player must win each scenario by creating units, commanding them and fighting within a dynamic map.

Now, more than ever, verticality is important in your strategy, since mountainous areas can give you an advantage or a disadvantage against the enemy due to the line of sight.

One advantage is that when the action gets chaotic, you can pause the action to better plan what you’re doing. This served me well many times when I was surrounded by enemy units that were hidden.

And speaking of units, Company of Heroes 3 welcomes the largest number of units in the franchise, including the Light Weasel and the Nashorn, plus many of the units you already know return, but with occasional changes.

Humanizing the battlefield

A very important point that the development team made is that Company of Heroes 3 is not only a cold strategy in a distant battlefield with generic units, but, as they call it, ‘humanize the battlefield’.

‘The RTS gameplay and cinematic action that our players love is the same, meaning unit or squad survival remains the priority of the game. This concept of telling human stories begins with the gameplay that is capturing points and expanding your territories and doing it with squads and vehicles, but also taking care of their veteran status that they have gained over time.

It feels great to get to the end of a mission and have a level 3 veteran, a unit that you’ve played with for the past few minutes.

And in addition to this we have stories of soldiers, commanders who speak and who approach you with their own agenda, because that of a British general is very different from that of an American. It is up to the player not only to fill the gap between them, but to prioritize what they ask for at the right time, ” Sacha explained.

‘We will not only see the plans of the army or the military objectives of the factions, but also their impact on the country. The supporters represent the side of Italy that wanted to fight and risk its life.

How did the war affect this nation and its people who just want to survive this conflict? ” Added Andrew Denault.

Company of Heroes 3 will be released for PC sometime in 2022, in the meantime, you can already sign up for the pre-alpha.


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