FIFA 22 News: Both fans and detractors will have to pay attention to this title EA Sports will offer when it goes on sale


Sports games live under the stigma of the annuity and that they are always the same. There are even those who think that they are “parasitic” proposals that do not contribute anything to the video game industry, however, they are franchises that are worth and contribute millions. Ignoring FIFA 22 for all of the above would be a mistake.

As you saw in the first preview, FIFA 22 is betting on a new technology called Hypermotion. Yes, it sounds very EA, but that’s not why it should be underestimated. Now, the past installment of the soccer game had a next-gen look, but until then, there were no drastic adjustments to applaud.

Today, Hypermotion is an important leap that puts FIFA 22 as a true next-generation game, especially in sections that will differentiate it quite a bit from past iterations.

We already played a bit of FIFA 22 on PS5 in a very preliminary version, we could say that almost unpolished and with hundreds of details to adjust, but, it works as a showcase to better appreciate everything that Hypermotion is. +

What is Hypermotion and how does it affect FIFA 22?

In the first preview of FIFA 22 it was possible to see something interesting, the capture of a soccer game that is transferred to a video game. This means that the ‘motion capture’ one by one is in the past and now it seeks to deliver a much more realistic experience.

To this we must add an additional function called Machine Learning that makes adjustments to the FIFA 22 experience with an artificial intelligence that ‘somehow learns how you play’.

All this is thanks to the power that new generation consoles give, they deliver benefits that go beyond extreme speed loads, they are also better animations, greater depth and diversity when playing soccer.

For example, one of the biggest features for FIFA 22 is the way the teams will move. If you have a line of 4, so it will scroll in the field. Goalkeepers now have more variety in their jumps. In appearance, the animations bring a lot of freshness to the general behavior of the game.

FIFA 22 and the new movement in players

All sports games have a physical and animation problem in which the nature of the movements is minimal and everything goes ‘wrong’. This time around, FIFA 22 and the next generation of consoles are going to provide a lot of tweaks to how players move.

In FIFA 22 we will see how a player takes shorter steps to reach a ball at an appropriate distance to be able to shoot, also to recover a ball that is about to leave the field, as well as other characteristics that will bring us closer to a much more realistic experience .

Another moment in which it is possible to see adjustments in the movement of the players occurs when they fight a ball in the air. The heads are more realistic, the balls are fought. Even the way they receive the ball and control it also makes the experience feel much more complex.

The amount of animations and movements they put into FIFA 22 is over the top to the bone. It seems that the new technology is allowing you to have better control of the ball, more precise movements and much more spectacular executions. It is an evolution that the franchise needed.

Ultimately, the pillars for FIFA 22 are: use revolutionary technology for all game modes, innovation that players will enjoy on all platforms and attention to all the comments made by the community.

How do the first steps feel?

As we mentioned at the beginning, what we played in FIFA 22 was a very preliminary version of the game that surely has already gone through many adjustments, but that was the one that we could test in some way. We had very few teams to choose from, but playing was a good option.

The first thing you notice is that the movement of the players really feels much more natural; there are short steps, long steps, accelerated sprints with much more intention when carrying the ball. In the same way, it is immediately noticeable when you are making a cut, lowering a ball and passing it between the opponent’s legs.

The other real adjustment that was noticed was the handling of the goalkeepers, who do not walk with the same animation. They are not always going to tackle with the ‘correct’ hand, rather they do it with the opposite. Like a rebound they will chase him in a different way. The subject of animations is really deep and it seems like it will take a bit of time to master.

Finally a real change is felt, because the players look much more human, they cover themselves in different ways when a free kick comes, they react to me.

Hearing different in a specific situation, the artificial intelligence of FIFA 22 is seen to be key in the general understanding of the game.

Honestly, FIFA 22 on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is going to have a change that will feel important and we will have to see it in its final version when it comes out in the remainder of 2021.


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