Netizens have recently been fascinated by the good looks and timeless visuals of senior actor Won Bin.

On May 13, Won Bin was found to be filming commercials around Gangnam. In the photos circulating, the actor appeared to be casual wearing a pastel oversized shirt and dark green pants.

The photos that circulated later became a conversation and reaped admiration among netizens in various online communities in Korea.

This is due to the good looks and face of the actor who remains ageless even though he was 42 years old.

“I think time has been pulled over for him”

“Is this real? He did not age at all ”

“I know he is an ahjusshi, but I cannot call him ahjusshi.”

“He is like a vampire”

“He looks like a handsome young student”

“If there is a male angel, Won Bin is the answer,” and many other comments.


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