Today, a motorcycle does not use Android Auto. But Harley Davidson, one of the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturers, made a surprise announcement for Android Auto. The advanced system will no longer be included only in cars.

It works with multimedia systems in cars such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay. An Android phone interface is running on the screen of the multimedia system.

Harley Davidson will get Android Auto
As the use of smartphones increases, communication with embedded systems improves. After a long time using smartphones and cars with multimedia systems, motorcycles also get support. Moreover, this feature will be used not only in new motorcycles, but also in previously manufactured ones.

Harley Davidson said in a statement that this feature will be used in 2014 Touring, Trike and CVO motorcycles. For use of Android Auto, the devices on motorcycles will be updated by the manufacturer.

For Android Auto, which will be used on the “Box GTS” system, good news was also given to motorcycle riders without Box GTS. Drivers who wish will be able to purchase the device from Harley Davidson for their motorcycle.

It is aimed to use Android Auto in the specified models in the coming summer. Zero motorcycles where the system works will meet the drivers in 2021.

Bringing “Motorcycle Android Auto” support, Harley Davidson launched Apple CarPlay support in 2018 as well. The company aims to support every smart device.


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