Today HarmonyOS version 2.0 for Huawei Mate 40 and P40 has been released. Chinese Huawei is quick to rival Android.


Losing its Android license after the US sanctions, Huawei found the solution in making a new operating system. The countdown has officially started today for Harmony OS, which is still not officially pre-installed on phones. The Chinese firm announced that HarmonyOS 2.0 for the Huawei Mate 40 and P40 has begun the public beta process.

Harmony OS 2.0, which will be officially introduced on June 2, 2021, is currently in public beta. Probably with the Huawei P50 family, the beta process will be exited and will be officially available. The front of this operating system, which is essentially a fork of Android, seems very clear. The rise of HarmonyOS can be very quick, especially thanks to the advantages Huawei offers for developers.

We will see this operating system, which is a mix of Android and iOS in terms of design and increases the user experience, in the market until 2021. As we have just mentioned, Harmony OS 2.0 will come with the Huawei P50 family. Users will be able to purchase the P50 with Android or HarmonyOS if they wish. Probably, Huawei will also allow to install an operating system later. HarmonyOS 2.0 for Huawei Mate 40 and P40.

It is not yet known what steps have been taken with Harmony OS 2.0 on security. Today, even giants like Google and Microsoft have security weaknesses. There is currently no explanation on how to ensure security with Harmony OS 2.0. We hope that Huawei, who was expelled from the United States for security reasons, took a step in this regard.


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