The HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system, which has been highly anticipated since 2019, has finally been released. Diola will use more than 40 brands in 2021.


The Huawei brand, which has been in our news for months, stopped and hit the jackpot. Our company follow-up, which introduced the expected operating system for millions of products around the world, yesterday. Expressing that it will introduce the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system for a long time, the company kept its promise and launched it on June 2, yesterday. In our previous news, we mentioned that Meizu company and new phones and products will use Huawei’s operating system. We can say that the ground has moved with the information received today.

You can use the new operating system for smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, autonomous cars, car equipment, smart wearables, etc. Many products can be used. According to the latest data from the company, more than 300 partners have joined the operating system’s ecosystem.

HarmonyOS 2.0 Last Minute

According to the last minute information we have obtained, more than 40 main brands will use Huawei’s operating system in 2021. The report published by the Chinese company also claimed that the operating system will be officially used by more than 40 main brands. Unfortunately, the company did not share the list of these brands and chose to keep it private. The operating system, which is expected to become popular in a short time, has previously appeared with various tests. The highly anticipated operating system was released yesterday with its brand new features and high performance.


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