HarmonyOS News: Huawei’s new operating system, HarmonyOS, will also power cars. Huawei car with HarmonyOS could wipe out Tesla from the market.


After Huawei’s embargo from the USA, the solution was shown as HarmonyOS. Huawei has developed this operating system in such a short time as 2 years that it has come to a position to lead the sector. Huawei has developed such an operating system that it can be easily integrated into all devices with 128 KB of RAM. This operating system will also be used in Huawei’s cars.

Speaking in the Blue Book of the 13th China Automotive Forum, Wang Jun, Head of Huawei Smart Car Solutions BU, stated that the Huawei team is working on autonomous driving solutions and aims to drive their vehicles completely by 2025.

With HarmonyOS, Huawei will get excited with the car

Wang Jun will help the company create a true smart car that is effective for a variety of applications and usage scenarios in the car. Wang Jun also said that he plans to create a smart space that will offer users a complete self-driving experience. He also highlighted how important it is to build an ecosystem of smart car apps and develop an entirely new instrument cluster and cockpit.

The Huawei smart control panel will be powered by the HarmonyOS operating system. Wang Jun also emphasized that HarmonyOS will be used in all future smart car solutions.

In April of this year, Huawei and Seres began selling the jointly developed Seres Huawei Smart Selection SF5 hybrid vehicle. Huawei said it plans to sell cars with its technology in 200 of its stores by the end of July 2021. By the end of the year, 1,000 Huawei stores will sell cars. It seems that Tesla’s job will become very difficult with Huawei cars, which will be strengthened with HarmonyOS.

On the other hand, Apple also wants to enter the automobile business. It is said that Apple’s car, which is expected to operate with the carOS operating system, will arrive in 2030 at the earliest. Until then, Huawei will increase its market share and become a global giant in the automobile field.


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