Huawei HarmonyOS News: Introduced with the slogan “One for all, all for one”, Huawei HarmonyOS is here with its operating system features!



At a Huawei promotional event held today, June 2, 2021, the company’s new operating system HarmonyOS and its many different features are the main subjects. After all, almost all Huawei users were waiting for this operating system. Let’s take a look at the operating system that brought many innovations with it and was introduced with the slogan “One for all, all for one” and the ecosystems it can work with!

HarmonyOS Ecosystem Revealed! What are the features?

The slogan we mentioned above is actually about the connection of the HarmonyOS operating system with Huawei devices. Because, as seen in the promotional event, a process done on any Huawei device and left unfinished can be completed from another device. Transfer between devices has almost reached its peak. According to Huawei, this operating system will be a single focus for five smart technologies.

These technologies are as follows:

  • Smart House
  • Smart Office
  • Smart Travel
  • Sport
  • Health and Audio-video Entertainment

Although ambitious in fact, this operating system does not want powerful features at all. This technology, which is already designed for smart phones and tablets, as well as for use in smart watches, 128KB of RAM is enough to set up this system.

Moreover, this operating system allows you to use a “Super Device”, thanks to the distribution technology it brings with it. To explain the super device, you can work on any application from any device connected to the Huawei ecosystem, then you can easily gather these works under a single computer roof. So you don’t need to do anything on other devices again.

HarmonyOS Innovations

  • HarmonyOS is based on the use of a single operating system on all devices!

  • With HarmonyOS, not only Huawei devices, but also 3rd party brands will be able to have HarmonyOS services and manage them from a single center!

  • With a single code base, HarmonyOS will pave the way for usable developments in many products such as phones, televisions, tablets and watches!

  • With DsoftBus technology, different devices will be able to work together much more effectively! Like being able to access the camera on a phone-controlled drone and carry it to the video call.


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