Spotify is creating its new podcasts. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan will create their own podcasts.

Spotify starts a podcast company with Meghan and Harry

Meghan and Harry announced a podcasting deal with Spotify. The duo also announced that they are starting their own audio company called Archewell Audio. Meghan and Harry will host their own podcasts. In this company, they will not only feature podcasts. Apart from that, they will also host various shows. They announced that the demonstrations will begin next year. For a special holiday, they will present a show featuring them and their guests next month. As it is known, Meghan drew attention to sexism in every period. Therefore, it seems that the podcasts that Meghan will create will focus more on gender equality. Harry, on the other hand, will create podcasts mostly on old problems and topics he is experienced.

As it is known, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama also founded their own production companies. They named this company Higher Ground and signed a deal with Spotify. Michelle Obama ran her own podcast last summer and has prepared a special introduction to it. Michelle Obama was able to reach large audiences with this podcast. It is a matter of curiosity how many users the podcasts made by the dream and the duchess will reach. The shows at the same time excite the audience a lot.

This new production has become the race for big names and talent in the podcasting space. Famous names who wanted to create new podcasts lined up. Specially carried Joe Rogan’s show to his own platform. As it is known, DC Comics brand works with Kim Kardashian West. The platform likewise acquired Kim Kardashian West. Ultimately, what matters is the strategy. Users should be encouraged to download the app and use it regularly to get news from their favorite stars. Although the application adds new users to its structure every month, it is not yet clear how these programs will yield results. It is also a matter of curiosity how good results will be produced by the strategy used by the new applications.

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The new applications and shows that Meghan and Harry will make after leaving the royal are eagerly awaited. Users are very supportive of the duo being “independent” and creating their own podcasts, especially on social media.


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