Ethereum climbed up to $ 192 on April 19, shocking many crypto investors. The fact that the ETH / USD trading pair rose to $ 192 indicates that the effects of the sharp decline experienced on March 12 have completely disappeared and the price has recovered by 100%.

$ 165 in Ethereum
Although ETH gained an increase on April 19, it decreased to $ 165 afterwards. ETH, which bounced from $ 165 in the past weeks, has actually found the bottom level, according to many experts. With the thought of finding the bottom of ETH, which has increased stronger each time it descends to $ 165, the buying pressure of investors has increased.

In fact, famous cryptocurrency analyst Spencer Noon said last week that institutional investors are starting to receive ETH. The high demand for ETH and BTC in Grayscale’s private fund for institutional investors proved this.


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