The lenses of the Swedish company Hasselblad can be used in the camera of the smartphone models that technology manufacturer Xiaomi will release this year.

In recent years, smartphones have transformed from simple communication and messaging tools to the perfect tool for taking photos and videos for many users. It is possible to say that manufacturers give priority to smartphone cameras in parallel.

According to Chinese sources, local smartphone maker Xiaomi is currently holding a partnership meeting with Sweden-based camera and lens manufacturer Hasselblad, and the first smartphones with Hasselblad lenses are expected to hit the market this year. A year ago, Xiaomi Vice President Chang Cheng conducted a survey on the Weibo social media page and asked users which company Xiaomi should cooperate with when developing cameras for their smartphones.

Hasselblad got the most votes
There were four options in the survey to choose from, including Canon, Nikon, and Hasselblad. Hasselblad received approximately 15,000 votes, Canon received 7,714 and Nikon 7,308 votes.

In addition, the brand Hasselblad was also mentioned in a patent by Xiaomi that included camera technologies. Given this data, we can assume that Xiaomi will be the first manufacturer to launch a smartphone with Hasselblad lens. In addition to all this, it is suggested that Oppo and Hasselblad can also agree on a cooperation.

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