Singer Hayley Williams had to deal with sexist comments after the change of members in the Paramore band.

In a new interview, the singer reflects on the kinds of statements she faced when Josh and Zac Farro, the band’s guitarist and drummer, left in 2010.

The Farro brothers left the band in 2010. Back then, the band’s former guitarist Josh argued in a blog post that Williams’ father constantly threatened to “unplug” the project if they ever issued a complaint.

“What started as natural somehow turned into a major brand-name manufactured product for the benefit of Hayley’s dream,” the former guitarist said.

In a recent interview with Vulture, she was asked if she finds these statements sexist. “I find it interesting that bands we love that have gone through membership changes, even those that haven’t, have been honest about how much they hate each other, and never question their loyalty.” Comment ”.

He cites Tom Yorke, who in Williams’s words may be a jerk, but has never been considered the “Radiohead Hitler.”

Regarding the departure of the Farrows, she comments: “We weren’t really friends at that point. Now when I meet Josh, I hardly feel anything. No part of me feels upset. ”


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