HBO Max will be available outside of the US for the first time since its launch last year. HBO Max will be available in Latin America and the Caribbean in June.

HBO Max was launched in the US last year. Now, it has been announced that it will go global soon. The streaming service is scheduled to begin at the end of June in 39 regions in Latin America and the Caribbean. This will be the first availability of the platform outside of the US.

HBO Max goes global
Global users will soon be able to enjoy HBO, DC and Warner Bros content via HBO Max. It will be a new kids experience with a comprehensive content catalog for kids of all ages. Also, local original productions will be released.

HBO Max’s international president, Johannes Larcher, said: “We’re excited about the launch of HBO Max in Latin America and the Caribbean, the first step in bringing WarnerMedia’s service to consumers outside the US and around the world. “HBO Max, which will feature locally produced content from master storytellers in Latin America as well as the best ones, will provide fans in the region with an unforgettable and enriching entertainment experience.”

HBO Max will replace the existing HBO Go product in Latin America in June 2021 and existing users will be moved to the new platform as they are. A similar transition is planned for European customers, but this currently lacks a concrete delivery schedule. Some rumors are that the HBO Max will be offered to European customers later this year.


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