Apple News: Someone in Wales had to sell their car because of Apple. His kid’s spending on the App Store has cost him dearly.


Apple from Cupertino has introduced parental controls in recent years to restrict the devices used by parents’ children. The technology giant, which developed such an application in the App Store so that families do not have to be in trouble due to the expenditures of their children, came to the agenda again with the incident of a careless user.

He sold his car because of Apple and his child

According to the information conveyed, Dr. Mohammed Mutaza let his seven-year-old son play with his iPhone for an hour. Mohammed Mutaza let the kid play a free game Dragons: Rise of Berk. However, in just 60 minutes, the son made about 30 transactions (up to $137 each) and spent a total of more than $1,800. As a result, the father had to sell his family car Toyota to pay the bills.

Apple sent a notification to the doctor after each purchase. However, these notifications were sent via e-mail, which Mohammed Mutaza rarely used. It seems that seven-year-old Ashaz knew the password to his father’s account. At first, Dr. Mutaza thought he was being attacked. However, he soon realized that this was not the attack, it was his son.

Muhammed Mutaza, an Apple user since 2005, stated that Apple cheated and robbed them and said, “Well done, you robbed me and my child. You deceived us. I will no longer choose you.” made statements.

This is entirely due to Muhammad Mutaza’s own carelessness. There is no crime in Apple. It is already stated that there may be in-app purchase options in applications and games in the App Store. In addition, parental controls can prevent these purchases. This incident that Mutaza experienced is the same as his child’s credit card and spending. That’s why Mutaza is 100 percent wrong about this. The Cupertino giant doesn’t have to pay back either.


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