A Reddit user, nicknamed ‘Tookdrums’, immortalized his son’s birth by recording it in the Bitcoin blockchain.

‘Tookdrums’ gave the news on Reddit on Sunday. He introduced his son Noah, who was born on June 14, to the world through a transaction he made in the Bitcoin blockchain and added the note “Hello Noah is small to the world”. “Tookdrums” also wrote the message “My son’s birth has become immortal now” on Reddit since it cannot be removed from the message blockchain.

Speaking to Decrypt, the new father said, β€œIt was a nice and fun way to immortalize this important moment. It was also an opportunity to gradually start accumulating funds for my son. ”

“Tookdrums”, a European Bitcoin investor, stated that there are 0.05 Bitcoins (around $ 450) in the fund and they are gradually thinking of increasing this fund. “I think I will give the keywords of my wallet to the age of 18. According to his interest, I can say the message in advance. ”

‘Tookdrums’ also said that he was thinking of locking the funds until his son was 18 years old, but gave up this idea in case of an update or another event in case the funds had to move.

The investor said he would definitely open a BTC fund for his second unborn child.

On the other hand, ‘Tookdrums’ announced that it does not work in the blockchain industry and is fully involved in Bitcoin and the industry as a hobby.


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