In Mexico City, the capital of the Latin American country of Mexico, health workers held a protest due to the lack of medical protective equipment.

Health workers who intervene and carry out their treatment of patients with the corona virus complain about not having the necessary protective equipment. For this reason, dozens of healthcare workers closed some roads in a protest in the capital city of Mexico City.

Health workers note that the Mexican government has not provided them with enough medical supplies.

One of the participants of the protest, nurse Susana Ballesteros, said that they were asked to use the same protective materials and N95 masks over and over again, so many colleagues were ill and died.

Health workers, especially nurses, also complain of excessive workload. Health workers complain about continuing the education they are obliged to give to university graduates apart from the current patient burden.

While 71 thousand 105 cases of Corona virus have been detected in Mexico, 7,633 people have died due to infection.

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