ARMY, the name for BTS fans, was later made happy and enthusiastic because their idol is reportedly doing a shoot.

In a rumor circulating among fans, there was a fan who claimed that his friend confirmed that BTS had booked the location of Daejanggeum Park, Yongin, which is usually the area where historical dramas were filmed.

“BTS is shooting something in Daejanggeum Yongin Park! My friend went there today and there is an area where access is restricted, so they went to check what it was and they said it was BTS, “said a fan.

In addition to being a frequent drama venue, the park is also open for tourists who want to learn about the history of South Korea.

Seeing this news, many netizens and especially ARMY in Korea were very enthusiastic. Many of them suspect that the filming by the singer ‘ON’ is aimed at ‘Run BTS!’.

“That’s definitely‘ Run BTS! ’But wait, will it be like the Chuseok special?” “A historical drama parody on ‘Run BTS!’? “” Run BTS! “New TT. Always thanking staff ‘Run’, they always treat members with various considerations and bring us amazing content “and more.


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