The Basic, Classic and Hall of Fame cards in your collection took their place in Classical format as in 2014.

Hearthstone’s Classic format takes its place in the inn today. Build your decks and enjoy the competition using 240 cards from the game’s first release in 2014!

The Basic, Classic and Hall of Fame cards in your collection will be available to you in Classical format as in 2014. This means that all balance changes brought to the game since then will be undone.

Cards from Classic packs will now be added to your collection for both the Classic format and the Legacy set in Wild format.
Opening the Wild format will also allow you to access the Classic format.
Classic reward systems, rating systems, and seasons will work just like Standard and Wild, and this format will have its own matchmaking pool.
From today you will be able to challenge your friends in the Classic format.
Games played in the classic format will provide progression for all relevant Achievements.
With the release of the classic format, the total number of decks will increase from 18 to 27.
Cards added to the Classic set in the later stages of Hearthstone will not be available in Classic format and will not come out of Classic packages. These cards can be crafted under the Legacy set of the Wild format.
In addition, all players who log in to the game will receive one Golden Classic Card Pack per account.


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