The Hello – Talk, Chat & Meet relationship app, known for prioritizing calls between users rather than just photos and conversations via messages, has recently had problems. In a test by Tilt, the technology channel of Uol, calls made to other countries were not answered or were directed to Kosovo, the region where the app was created.

Through Hello, users can connect through conversations made by voice or video call. You can choose the country to place the call or select a random call between 250 countries, which lasts a maximum of two minutes in the free version of the app.

With about 2 million downloads and over 500 million calls made, Hello was developed in 2016 and gained more visibility during quarantine. The company expects to triple the number of users by the end of this year.

Voice calls don’t work
A Tilt team decided to test these features and found that both have problems. During the tests, several countries were chosen in the targeted calls: Germany, Portugal, São Tomé and Príncipe, New Zealand, Canada, United States, Argentina, Peru and Brazil. However, the links were not biased in any of them.

The second option, in turn, directed calls to the southeast of the European continent, varying between Germany, Macedonia, Albania, Switzerland and Kosovo. Among the evaluations of the application, as the source reports, this is the most recurring complaint.

When asked about this situation, CEO Arian Kastrati informed Uol that a technical team is already working to solve these problems and provide more stability to the application.


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