Chinese technology giant Huawei continues to say that the US sanctions come and go. The company, which puts a stone on its competitors in updating, announced when the EMUI 11 update for Huawei Mate 20 will come. It is a great success that the phone, which was introduced and put on the market in 2018 and entering its 3rd year, will receive the new interface update.



According to the statements from Huawei, the update will come to the Mate 20 family in March. However, this update will probably be offered for sale in China first. The global version of the update, which will be released via OTA, can also be released in March.

In addition to adding a series of innovations to the system with the new interface update, Huawei will also solve the problem with the phones, and will continue to provide a fluent experience to its users. However, this interface update will likely be the last update the Mate 20 will see and see. So Huawei will probably not be able to offer EMUI 12 to its old phones, which it will introduce at the end of this year.

It is said that Huawei, which is currently unable to even produce processors due to sanctions, is trying to retain its existing customers with software updates. The moves made confirm these rumors. Huawei CEO, who wants to meet with the new US President Joe Biden, will hopefully get the answer he hoped for and continue the phone production at full speed.

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Finally, let us state that Huawei, which will introduce the P50 family in the coming months, will use Kirin 9000 series processors in these models.


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