It would not be wrong to say that this year has gone great for some altcoin projects for now. While one may be skeptical about the future potential of the coin, DOGE’s upward trend cannot be denied. But interestingly, DOGE, which has increased by 6.708% year-to-date, is not the best performing coin in 2021.

This year, here are the top-rising altcoin projects ever:

10- FTM

It has grown by 3964% year-to-date.

Fantom is an open source smart contract platform that is fully compatible with Ethereum but cheaper and faster. It does not use Proof-of-Work (PoW) or Proof-of-Stake (PoS), it uses the aBFT consensus protocol. It promises speed, security and low wages.

The platform has a DeFi component built into it. Fantom Finance can be used to trade, lend and borrow cryptocurrencies. You can participate in liquidity staking and earn FTM coins. According to experts, if the platform attracts more dApps, it can grow even more.


Altcoin has grown by 4156% year-to-date

PROM is the local token of the Prometeus Network. Its task is to help protect the data produced. Prometeus gives you complete control over your data and even helps you earn money from them if you wish. The network uses “public blockchain technologies to create a decentralized and censorship-resistant framework”.

There is also a sibling product called Ignite. A decentralized micro-blogging platform that is uncensored and firewall-proof. The service has no central administration and is managed by the community.

8- WRX

Year-to-date growth by 4254%

WazirX is an Indian cryptocurrency exchange backed by Binance. It uses the WRX token for its internal transactions. You can transfer your Bitcoin and Ethereum to WRX and use it to pay transaction fees.

In August, the exchange launched an automated market maker protocol. The opening of WazirX to the DeFi area may have accelerated the rally.


It has grown by 5089% year-to-date

The Matic network allows users to “create scalable dApps”. The mission of this company is to take DeFi’s user experience to new heights, to simplify the “interaction between users and the decentralized world”. All in one with Ethereum and “determined to help its mass adoption.” He works with high profile projects such as Matic, Decentraland and MakerDAO.

They are in the process of expanding their mission and renaming Polygon. Their new slogan is “Internet of Ethereum’s Blockchains”. The network’s local coin, MATIC, recently broke a record.


Year-to-date growth by 5927%

This project is different from the ones on the list. Dent created a marketplace for users to buy, sell and share Mobile Data. They are tokenizing the mobile data industry. Their platform runs on Ethereum. Dent has 26 million users in 80 countries so far.


Year-to-date grown by 6708%

Doge is launched as a joke-coin. Now it is one of the biggest stories of the year. So much so that there is no need to say anything about it.


It grew by 6897% year-to-date

PancakeSwap is basically a clone of Uniswap. Decentralized exchange (DEX) built on Binance Smart Chain, so the fee for each transaction is much lower than its Ethereum-based counterparts. Users earn CAKE by staking or providing liquidity to the stock market. CAKE is used in every process in the PancakeSwap ecosystem.

3- VRA

Year-to-date growth by 8561%

Verasity has been on the market since 2019. However, the company received a US patent for the Proof-of-View consensus in 2021. It offers blockchain-based solution that guarantees every view of any video. Their service works on any popular video player. Users also get a wallet to store VRA and receive it as a reward for watching certain videos. Creators also get a better way to monetize their content.

2- OMI

It has grown by 18,102% year-to-date

The OMI token is the native token of the VeVe platform. You can buy and sell digital collections or NFT on the platform. The service is built on the GoChain blockchain, so OMI is a GO20 token.

OMI will be listed on SushiSwap soon.


Year-to-date growth by 35277%

Another clone of an Ethereum-based product operating on the cheaper and faster Binance Smart Chain. BakerySwap is both an automated market maker and an NFT exchange. Users add liquidity to their liquidity pools and receive compensation. Generally, it offers rewards with BAKE tokens.

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