OPPO is working on a three-sided screen phone. The concept of the phone, which currently appears in the patent application, looks incredible.


You must be remembering Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha. The smartphone, which was introduced in 2019 and consisted of a screen on almost all four sides, had a design concept far beyond the era. Possible conditions, price and production conditions were the biggest obstacles to the spread of this phone. As a matter of fact, it was, and the Mi Mix Alpha could not move forward in the prototype stage. Now we see that OPPO is working on a similar phone. OPPO will not be in a hurry for a three-sided screen phone, and this phone does not go beyond a patent application for now.

OPPO prepares three-sided screen phone

The account called Concept Creator revealed this phone, which appeared in OPPO’s patent applications, in flesh and bone. The phone has a structure consisting of three-sided screens, just like in the applications. All areas on the phone, except for one side and the camera strip on the back, consist of the screen.

The published images also reveal an important detail on the phone. Unlike the Mi Mix Fold, there are physical buttons on one edge. The other edge uses a hinge to make screen replacement easy.

The phone uses four rear cameras. One of them is a periscope sensor. No holes or notches are used on the front of the screen. This development shows that OPPO will use under-screen camera technology on the phone. As a matter of fact, there is no need for a front camera on a phone with a three-sided screen.

For now, it is unclear when this phone, which appears on paper, will be released. We’ll probably start seeing phones like this in a few years.


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