Producing the most robust phones of a period, Nokia is preparing to regain its reputation with brand new phones. Nokia X20 is coming.


Nokia, which has been in the phone world for years with different phone models, was in a very important position both in our country and in the world. The company, which lagged behind the Android operating system in time, is now confronted with phones with Android-based operating systems. The company, which has made a name for itself for many years with the durability of the phones it produces, seems to be pursuing new adventures again. Nokia X20 is coming.

In many news we have made recently, we have mentioned that Nokia will organize a giant organization on April 8, and we have mentioned that they can introduce brand new phone models or models in this organization. As we move towards April 8, new information on the subject continues to appear in the depths of the internet. We continue to keep you informed of these developments we have achieved. The information we have learned today is about the Nokia X20, which is expected to be a new phone.

Nokia X20 to Be Introduced on April 8

According to the information we have obtained, the company is expected to introduce a total of 3 phones, one from the G series and two from the X series. While one of these phones was expected to be the Nokia X20, some features of the phone were also estimated. While these predictions are not known whether they are allegations or the actual developments, let’s share the details with you. According to the developments in the internet, the new phone will have Qualcomm’s most affordable 5G tonga set. In fact, it is appropriate to say that it is expected to have the recently announced Snapdragon 480. While the screen size is expected to be 6.5 inches, the phone is expected to be released in two different options, blue and sand color. Finally, an image of the device’s design was leaked to the internet. The prototype, which is in the form of a patent, presents a huge round camera mount.

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We will learn more about new phones and phones on April 8th.


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