Following the pulse of the world closely, Apple seems to be out of the ordinary with its new iPhone series. The brand, which has been on the agenda with foldable phone patent applications for a long time and continues to come, can target young people with the new iPhone. Unlike a classical structure, the Apple iPhone model, which is claimed to handle a more colorful design, will sign a striking innovation in its field.



Last year, some claims were made that Apple would produce water-colored phones, but these claims remained unfounded. While some claims continue to be spoken today, the most striking and realistic claim has emerged today. According to the allegations, the iPhone will become foldable with its new model, and the younger segment will be targeted with this phone.


Foldable Apple iPhone

While the technology giant, which came to the fore with two different foldable phone claims, continues to remain silent in the face of these claims, it is also said that these claims may be true. The company, which has applied for new patents for a long time, probably continues to work on foldable phones. The iPhone, which is expected to be released as two models, will appear with a different folding style.

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The phone, which is expected to have a folding style similar to the Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, will also include all the required features. The new iPhone will have more vivid colors unlike the iPhone 12. With these colors, young people will be targeted and their needs will be prioritized.


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