The PC Gaming Show has not missed its annual appointment with its particular way to brighten up the summer. Unfortunately, it is still that roller coaster in which as soon as they show you the arrival of Torchlight 3 on Steam, they release a very poor game that you won’t remember tomorrow. Here you have everything that has been presented.


It started off slack with a new ration of Vikings with crafting, building, and survival as we battled giant monsters and hordes of enemies. Valheim would look good if it were not visually taken from a trip into the past. And not in a good way.


New trailer for the famous game that started as a relic Pokémon and ended as a Pokémon with dance battles. The video has served to see some more bugs and know that your early access will arrive very soon this summer. Unfortunately there is no exact date of arrival for Ooblets.

Torchlight 3

The adventures of Torchlight are back on track with early access now available on Steam. The previous installments are one of the most fun games that you can face with friends, so you want to reach out and get to know their new classes in depth.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

The vastness of Elite Dangerous ceases to be a game only of ships and space and also becomes a universe that you can explore on foot. The arrival of the landing on planets and being able to walk around them on foot or with vehicles is expected next year.

Persona 4 Golden

The legendary RPG leaked its arrival a few days ago, but in case there was any doubt the PC Gaming Show trailer has served to confirm that, yes, Persona 4 Golden not only arrives on Steam but is already available. With HD graphics, and audio in English and Japanese, you can get it for 19.99 euros.

In Sound Mind

2021 will have its ration of indie terror with a psychedelic flashlight and pistol FPS. Until it arrives -on a date yet to be known-, you can already take a look at the demo that is available on Steam.

Airborne Kingdom

As beautiful as it is rare, we are presented with this game of airplanes and air bases flying over worlds of tiles and castles. Airborne Kingdom looks good, but it’s time to see what the hell it’s going when it arrives at the Epic Games Store this fall.


A new strategy ration, this time with a cooperative RTS that will soon have a demo available on Steam and that looks really good to lose yourself in his world of dwarves with a friend.


Amplitude and Sega keep going with this curious twist on the 4x genre they propose at Humankind. It’s time to unite different cultures to build the best possible civilization and survive enemy attacks. It won’t arrive until 2021, but it’s going to be beta soon so you’ll have to keep track of it.


The mix of genres that apparently do not match each other has a curious twist in this survival title. In Icarus the idea is to land on a planet with exploration time limits, for example with raids that will last 20 minutes and will require returning to the space base after that time. If you can’t survive in that time, you lose everything. It will arrive in 2021.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

The legendary strategy game returns to the charge of Rebellion with its usual premise: create the perfect base for our evil genius and try to conquer the world. Evil Genius 2: World Domination smells like a well of hours and looks very good. This year will arrive -without an exact date for now- on Steam.


After appearing for the PS5 presentation a few days ago, the Gearbox game returns to the fray with a little more chicha and a video with gameplay. Swords and smashes come together in this mix of Destiny and hack’n slash that will arrive at the end of the year.


Sponsored by Humble Games, this tribute comes to games like Doom and Duke Nukem. Prodeus invites you to keep track of it with a retro aesthetic and taking advantage of current possibilities to shape a madness that seems destined to grow constantly thanks to the creation of maps by users. Your early access will arrive this year.

Fae Tactics

It’s not one of the most prolific genres we know of, so whenever there’s a new ration of tactical strategy it’s worth keeping on the radar. Fae Tactics seems to have everything it takes for fans of the genre to give it a try.


Carto is a beautiful puzzle game in which we will shape the scenarios by modifying a map to create new paths and points of interest. One of those oddities worth keeping in mind when you land in the fall of this year.

Project Wingman

Aviation fans have a date this summer with a new ration of fighters breaking their wings to end up enveloped in flaming clouds that we can cross with a crazy face. Project Wingman, it’s called.


One of those Roblox-style crazy things that invite us to create our own games to hang out with friends. Different genres and a hub in which to meet friends and chulear the style that we have put our characters, some cute dolls inspired by vinyl figures. In fact much of the skins come from famous designers. Blankos will arrive at the end of the year.

Everspace 2

A new video ration for the first litmus test of this space shooter that will delight science fiction fans and spaceship battles. Everspace 2 is coming to Steam next week, specifically on June 15.


Based on the surreal drawings that illustrated some medieval books, this turn-based strategy game comes to us in which to command those same bugs in absurd fights. The one from Inkulinati has been one of the funniest videos of the presentation.

Total War Saga: Troy

Guerrilla tactics, Trojan horses and collapsing fortresses come together in the new installment of the Total War saga. Here you have our first impressions with Total War Saga: Troy, which will arrive in 2021.

DLC Remnant from the Ashes

Pinza for the first Remnant from the Ashes DLC, a Souls-style twist with more shooting weight. The monsters are looking good and it is a new opportunity for the game to continue growing, so we are happy that it continues in good shape.

Mafia Definitive Edition

Painted brutal the return of Mafia. We have missed seeing it in motion with a portion of gameplay, but the videos have served to see to what extent those images that surprised us a few weeks ago also paint equally well on video.

Rogue Lords

Following in the wake of Slay The Spire, Rogue Lords combines turn-based combat and the use of cards. Now, there is an element that makes it unique: you play as the devil himself, and that means that you can trick the interface and what happens in the game at convenience in exchange for souls.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy

Looking like a European comic and an isometric perspective serving adventure sensations, Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy follows in the wake of the classic Zeldas while retaining well-chosen elements from the nintendera saga.

Dauntless: Call of the Void

What happens when you combine experiences as unique as Monster Hunter and Destiny? Dauntless wants to be that answer, and the Call of the Void trailer seeks to be a declaration of intent for this new stage.

Among Trees

Among Trees wants to merge two very different experiences with rural charm as a nexus: you will be able to lead the life of wild crafting from Stardew Valley with a visual section that is irrevocably reminiscent of Firewatch. A winning combination.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of manganime or consider yourself a Potterhead: Potionomics proposes you to be a potion salesman in a fantasy world, and that’s much more interesting than it sounds. You will be able to haggle and sell bottled magic through a hilarious card system.

Deadly shell

Mortal Sheel seeks to quench that thirst for Sloulsborne that many have while From Software is shaping Elden Ring. And what is shown points high: nightmares and action galore in a world of grim fantasy.

It looks fantastic, of course. Now, how is its gameplay? Its new gameplay serves as an appetizer of what we can expect.

Shadow Man Remastered

The sinister Shadow Man is back through an updated review of the Nintendo 64 classic. A classic that, despite going beyond two decades, can be enjoyed in 4K and with the always grateful support for ultrawide on PC.


A cooperative dungeon game in which to destroy hordes of demons and monsters while commanding three different classes. There will also be a ration of puzzles, but the great trick is based on swords and magic. It will arrive in early access format this year on Steam.

Shadows of Doubt

A detective game that looks like something out of a Minecraft mod. Pretty good looking, especially if you marry your particular visual style.

Paradise killer

Another detective game, this time working on the ground on a paradise island where you are gathering clues and questioning suspects in an open-world setting. This summer will come.

Tycoon Poster


A sort of Tropico in which we will control a drug lord instead of a dictator. If you are struck by Cartel Tycoon you are in luck because its demo is already available on Steam.

Trash Sailors

One of those nice cooperative games in which to destroy animals while we try to make our boat made of garbage go to hell. A classic. Trash Sailors has been released with no release date.


Our partner Jonathan already told us about Cris Tales a few days ago. He said of him that he is a JRPG in spirit, form and intent. It will arrive on November 17 on Steam.

Weird West

What’s new in Devolver is a new opportunity to return to the Wild West, this time from an aerial view and with the monsters and legends of the time as the main protagonists. An action RPG that comes from the hand of the creators of Prey and Dishonored and that, at least for now, has no confirmed release date, only that it will arrive next year. Pintaza if it has, in fact it is more than enough of it.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

The JRPG saga comes to PC so we can control our farm, take care of our herds and find love along the way. The typical game in which you lose yourself for hours watching your lettuces grow and your cats ignore you.

New World

Amazon Game Studios will continue to attempt its foray into the world of video games from August 25. Having seen it, it is difficult for him to try to steal part of the cake of the MMO genre, but weirder things have been seen.

Twin Mirror

Dontnod’s new look is fresh and promises to take the studio’s narrative one step further. Twin Mirror has said goodbye with a coming soon that we don’t know how to hold on to. Maybe because it is a launch game for Series X and PS5?

Metal Hellsinger

A mind-boggling mix of FPS and music game in which monsters burst to the beat of metal music. Without a doubt one of the craziest games that have been walked by the PC Gaming Show. It will arrive in 2021 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and the new consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos is a dungeon crawler with a good chunk of humor to chuckle at as we battle in tactical format. Very good looking both for visual style and for the curious of the proposal.

Red Sails

Red Sails looks like one of those low-budget Journey wannabes you don’t quite know what to think about. In it you will have to travel by boat through the clouds while we marvel at the spectacle that the landscape gives. For now with no release date.

Surgeon Simulator 2

In August of this year, the second installment of the hilarious surgeon simulator will arrive, this time with cooperative operations and a certain spirit of puzzle and adventure play. As a brooch a good assortment of cosmetics to customize both the scenarios and the characters and create our own levels.

The Last Campfire

New to Hello Games is an intimate adventure with a spirit much smaller than its space adventure in No Man’s Sky, but no less recommended. The promising proposal will land this summer in the Epic Games Store.

Escape from Tarkov

The largest map to date adds to the collection of scenarios in which to die from Escape from Tarkov. There is a desire to return to Tarkov, but also fear for knowing in advance that they will give us even in the identity card.

The Outlast Trials

2021 will receive another ration of terror after which we are forced to turn on the house lights to go piss. They never fail with their particular style of night vision, so there is a desire to see what surprises have in store for us in this The Outlast Trials.


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