Galaxy Watch Active 4 appeared before its introduction. Samsung’s new smart watch impresses with its stylish design.


Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Watch Active 4 smartwatch on June 28. Just days before the launch date, the famous leak resource @Onleaks has released some images showing the final design of the watch. The smartwatch comes with more color options unlike its predecessor.

Galaxy Watch Active 4 Design and Features

Galaxy Watch Active 4 has narrower bezels compared to Active 2. The cords have also had their share of the new design approach, in which the side buttons have become longer. Leaks suggest that the smartwatch will come in black, silver, green and gold colors. For the gold color option, the color may differ slightly from the leaked image.

Previous leaks regarding the Active 4 model were that the watch would be powered by a processor with a 5nm manufacturing process. The watches, which will have two different dial sizes, 40mm and 44mm, will come with a 2D glass-enclosed screen and will have a stainless steel case. Recent developments show that Active 4 will also have an aluminum model.

We will see the design changes on the outside of Samsung’s new generation smart watches, on the inside, at the software level. Samsung has already confirmed that it will switch to the WearOS operating system for smartwatches. Samsung also promises to offer a faster and more responsive interface in the new operating system.


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