We recently shared new news about the health capabilities of Apple Watch. New features are added among the new generation Apple Watch features that can measure the oxygen content in the blood. Hidden Apple Watch Series 6 features have been unveiled inside iOS 14.

Next-generation Apple Watch features hidden in iOS 14
According to the news of 9to5Mac, users will be a bit more free in terms of design with Apple Watch Series 6 and the next watchOS version. Accordingly, the user will be able to share the configuration of the watch face using the sharing page in the iOS Watch app. These shared interfaces will be seen in Files and can be sent from here. It can also be shared with AirDrop. However, a watch face will not be shared directly between 2 Apple Watch.

With the watchOS 7, the Infographics Pro option will be added to the dials. In this dial, tachometers, speed adjustment according to distance and measuring distance according to speed will be offered to users. At the same time, the ability to create a watch face from a photo in a shared album will come with the new update. As you know, the dial can only be created from a single photo or album.

The generated album cycle will change every time the user touches or raises his wrist.

According to the code that appeared in iOS 14, iPhone users can now control their children’s Apple Watch. This feature, called Schooltime, will be able to put your parent’s usage restrictions on certain apps on Apple Watch.

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The presentation of the sleep tracking feature is also among expectations. According to estimates, a new Sleep option will be added to Apple Watch’s Health app.


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