Some celebrities have hidden Instagram accounts … and sometimes super interesting!

Difficult to pass incognito when you are a celebrity. If some celebrities have specific techniques to escape the paparazzi and in the eyes of all, others also have a very special trick to wander quietly on social networks without being constantly harassed by Internet users. Several stars have hidden Instagram accounts, including some nuggets. For the art of photography, to present their animals or to denounce a few subjects, all these accounts have good reason to exist. Here is an anthology of these profiles that some do not know. And to learn even more about the stars, we also focus on those who have a reputation for being unbearable.


Cole Sprouse has found the perfect trick for taking revenge on fans who try to take his picture without his permission. When he sees one in action, he takes the same photo and then shares the snapshot on his account @camera_duels, history to post it a little in return.


Ultra fan of her little dog Nugget, Katy Perry created an Instagram profile for her under the name of @missnuggetperry. Although she does not often post photos, the pictures of the little beast are each time completely irresistible.


Many of them create accounts for their pets! With @realpiggysmallz, Ariana Grande was showing photos of her adorable little pig, but there have been no new photos for over a year. Some Internet users even wonder if she would not have eaten it … The poor!


Gigi Hadid does not play it really incognito since she introduces herself under the name of @gisposable. But through this account, she shows her passion for the art of photography, with pictures of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne, among others.


Sometimes very inspired by his loved ones in his daily life, Joe Jonas created an Instagram account @cupofjoe, on which he shares rather artistic snapshots, moments stolen from family, which also speak of everything and nothing.


Bella Thorne shows a lot of self-mockery! She created the @thatweirdbitchbella account on which she posts memes, compromising photos or some personal pictures, simply in order to make fun of her. It is as if his account was kept by his haters.


Nick Jonas also succumbed to the desire to create an Instagram account for Gino, his German shepherd whom he adopted with his wife Priyanka Chopra. Together, they often feed @ginothegerman’s feed.


Bella Hadid wanted to create an alter ego during a photoshoot with a blonde wig during one of her stays in Japan. On the Instagram account @rebekkaharajuku which is no longer updated often, she impersonates a certain Rebekka.


Lady Gaga followed the example of many celebrities by creating a profile on behalf of Miss Asia, her little dog. On @missasiaxoxo, she often posts photos of the disguised hairball, or in the company of other dogs, and we love it.


Ultra fan of food and especially sausages, Sophie Turner wanted to create an Instagram account entirely dedicated to this subject … She posted different sausages from around the world on @sophiessausagereviews, but she has stopped for quite some time now.


Justin Bieber slightly wanted to split his personality by presenting Skylark Tylark, his alter ego, with this other Instagram account, @skylarktylark_. Unfortunately, apart from a few photos with Post Malone and Bella Thorne, we have nothing else to eat … When will we update the account?


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