Facebook and Instagram, which have millions of users, offer their users the option to hide the number of likes for their posts.


Today’s two most popular social media channels continue to grow. With new features, the channels that continue to get stronger and grow day by day draw attention. As you know, there are some areas such as post likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram. Today, people who have many followers or friends earn income by making various advertisements. In fact, by posting, some users buy likes and give an impression of being popular to the outside. A new feature for less-liked users is coming to their rescue.

According to the information we have gained today, both platforms will have the option to hide the number of likes. If users wish, they will be able to activate this option and use it.

Option to hide the number of likes for Facebook and Instagram is coming

The two popular channels will get stronger with the new feature. Two companies come to the rescue of users whose posts are less liked, giving them the opportunity to experience a brand new feature. Users who wish will hide the number of likes of their posts and will not have to show how many people have liked a post. With the options to be offered to users, users will share the number of likes with other people if they wish, or they will not share it. In other words, they will be able to act completely freely in this decision. Applications that allow users to make their own decisions with such features will continue to receive new updates in the coming days.


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