The SUV model EQS, which will be at the top of Mercedes-Benz’s electric vehicle series EQ, was spotted during winter tests in Scandinavia.

Unfortunately, the vehicle covered with heavy camouflage cannot give much detail. But as far as it seems, there are rear headlights and a completely closed grille at the front. The small air intake at the bottom of the front bumper and the sloping windshield are among the details that attract attention.

When we look at the side, a rounded shoulder line, concealable door handles and a part that is thought to be the charging cover in the front fender is seen. When we look back, it is possible to see a similar silhouette with the brand’s electric SUV EQC. Let’s not go without mentioning a distinctive rear spoiler and fake exhaust outlets.

Mercedes EQS cabin and features

In the cabin of the flagship electric SUV, we are greeted by an environment we know from the new S-Class. The digital instrument display, the mid-rising infotainment screen, the turbine-designed air vents and the steering wheel we know from the new S-Class are clearly visible details.

There is no official statement about the performance data of the vehicle. However, it was said that engines between 395 and 592 horsepower would be used in the sedan model of the EQS. We’ll probably see the same engines in the EQS SUV. The EQS is said to use the company’s new electric vehicle architecture and have a range of around 700 km.

When the EQS sedan model is launched next year, it will be possible to get a better idea of ​​the SUV model.


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