Ryzen 5000 series processors, where the red team offers a high performance increase, are on the agenda with a high error rate according to end user reports. There are also problems with current AMD motherboards.

If AMD once again confronted Intel with the Ryzen 5000 family with competitive solutions, TSMC’s insufficient production capacity caused the company to experience a decline in its market share for the first time since the Zen architecture was announced.

On the other hand, those who buy a Ryzen 5000 processor and 500 series motherboard in stocks are also not happy with their situation. Starting with the tweet of PowerGPU, which sells specialized systems, the problem that came up with the posts made from various popular accounts made the Ryzen 5000 stock anxious.

High failure rate on Ryzen 5000 processors
According to the responses given to the seller, who reported that 8 of the 50 Ryzen 9 5950X that reached their hands, ie 16% were covered by DOA-Dead on Arrival (broken when it reaches the customer), this rate was normally only 0.01%.

Moreover, 80% of the chips considered as DOA until recently belonged to the blue team, while 20% belonged to the AMD wing. Nowadays, when there is a defective processor problem, only 1 problematic processor has been encountered on the Intel front, which is recorded as Core i7-9700K.

Faulty motherboards are also reported
On the other hand, the only problem is not with current AMD processors. It has been reported that AMD’s budget-friendly B550 chipset motherboards that stand out with PCIe 4.0 support and high-end X570 motherboards are also experiencing 3-5 problem motherboards every week.

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Moreover, in addition to completely unusable hardware, there are also chips that are reported to be faulty in CPPC (Collaborative Processor Performance Control) tags that have FCLK overclocking performance below expectations or provide AMD’s core-based performance control according to temperature. Most importantly, there are also reported cases where the USB 3.0 controller integrated into the processor does not work or causes stability problems.

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