For the Apple Store opening date, a statement came from Deidre O’Brien, vice president of Apple retail and human relations. Addressing Apple employees, O’Brien made an important announcement for the stores.

In the past March, it was decided to close the stores within the scope of corona virus measures. Since the fight against the disease in many countries of the world has been positive, the re-opening of stores has come to the agenda.

There is an explanation for the Apple Store opening date
In the video prepared for the weekly employees, O’Brien gave some information about the opening. According to Bloomberg, the vice president said, “We continue to analyze the health status in every location. My expectation is that we will open many stores to users in May. ” said. However, there was no explanation as to which stores to open.

Only the name of the month was specified for the date. No clear information was provided on which day of May the stores would be opened. In his same speech, the vice-president drew attention to Apple’s stores that he planned to open in the first days of April. As you may recall, Apple stores are opened in South Korea.

Some questions are directed to users at the entrance of the store, which started service in South Korea. These questions include questions about whether the visitor has had the disease and how they should act.

According to expectations, the mid-June is targeted for the Apple Store opening date in America. As the stores open, the tech giant will have suggestions for people. Suggestions to prevent health and epidemics will vary according to the country and city where the store is located.

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While some stores are closed in some cities of the USA, some stores are served. The sterile environment created in the stores tries to avoid the disease.


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