WhatsApp News: Sending high quality photos via WhatsApp has started. Beta users will now be able to send photos in three different quality.


Sending high-quality photos with the popular messaging application WhatsApp has been talked about for a while. This feature, which has been used for years on some competing platforms, has finally been included in WhatsApp. According to the news on the Android Police site, beta users will now be able to send three different quality photos via WhatsApp. Let’s remember these three options right away.

  • Automatic (Recommended): This option will leave WhatsApp to decide whether to compress images based on your network speed.
  • Best quality: Selecting this option will provide the best possible image quality. It is unclear whether WhatsApp will still apply some compression to the images or whether they will be sent in their original quality.
  • Data Saver: Images will be compressed to save data and storage space.
    Users can change this setting under the “Media upload quality” section in the “Storage and data” section.

According to the site, there is no obvious difference in quality between the data-saving compression and the new high-quality compression. With “Data saver”, the photo was sent as a 0.9 MP image (80 KB 720×1280). When upgraded to “Best quality”, the photo was sent at a resolution of 1.4 MP (899×1599 in 113 KB).

Posting high-quality photos on WhatsApp will be available to everyone in the next few days. If you are an Android and iOS user, you can check if there is an update for the application by visiting the Google Play Store or App Store.


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