Google will release the first version of Android 12 in the coming days. Wallpapers of mountainous and sandy landscapes of the new mobile operating system are available for download.

As you may remember, the first screenshots of Android 12 were leaked to the internet recently. Google plans to release the first preview version of the new mobile operating system next week.

Android 12 will bring a few new features and improvements, as well as new icons, animations, system sounds, and of course wallpapers. The operating system’s wallpaper collection has hit the Internet.

Final version will be released in September
In the screenshots shared last week, we saw that Android 12 has wallpapers of mountainous and sandy landscapes. If you wish, you can download and use it in high resolution by clicking this link.

According to the latest information, the first version of Android 12 will be released on February 17, 2021. The final version is planned to be available for general use on September 2. Google will finalize the operating system between these two dates.


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