Huawei FreeBuds 4i stands out among its competitors with its 10-hour battery life and sound quality.

The need to listen to music is increasing. Still, the biggest problem with today’s wireless headphones is battery life. How many times have you seen a friend take out the headset and put it back in the box after a second because its battery has run out of charge? Huawei FreeBuds 4i aims to be the solution to all these problems with its 10-hour battery life.

Maximize your music enjoyment
What effect does music have on our mood? It has been scientifically proven that music has an undeniable effect on how we feel, and listeners intuitively choose the music that is right for them. Perceived energy levels and feelings of well-being determine why people choose to listen to certain music that contributes to their emotional state. Music triggers memories and activates certain thoughts, but it also affects the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The effect of music on what we feel is used in cinema productions aimed at creating a certain mood. Can you count how many times you played a song based on your mood?

If you are in a bad mood, you will steal something to cheer you up. A method like this is used during psychotherapy sessions and helps treat anxiety disorder.

Considering music is essential for life, you should be able to listen to your favorite rhythms whenever you want. How many times have you been surprised how quickly your current headphones drain their battery? But what if all these problems have a simple solution? Discover Huawei FreeBuds 4i, headphones that don’t run out of battery for 10 hours. Thanks to fast charging, the new Huawei headsets offer 4 hours of listening pleasure with just 10 minutes of charging. What’s more, with the charging case, they can make up to 22 hours of music playback or 14 hours of voice calls.

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Don’t miss any detail of the music
To provide active noise cancellation, the new FreeBuds 4i use microphones and active noise cancellation algorithms to detect ambient noise and create inverted acoustic waves. While providing effective active noise cancellation, sound quality is not compromised, and it also helps to reduce the pressure in your ears.

Check your headphones
Both FreeBuds 4i in-ear headphones feature built-in capacitive sensors for intuitive touch controls and are backed by an advanced algorithm for more accurate response. Play music, make calls and reduce noise with a few simple gestures. To activate, simply double tap to play music (play / pause music) and voice call (answer / end call). Use long press to turn the ANC system on and off and start Awareness Mode.

In addition, the surface of the in-ear headphones is covered with a high-gloss material that eliminates dirt and scuff marks, along with a false touch prevention algorithm that helps users avoid false touches.

Regardless of the operating system of your smartphone, you can use FreeBuds 4i with the equipment you want. The new Huawei headsets easily connect to all smartphones operating in both the iOS and Android ecosystems, providing the best audio experience for everyone.


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