The third-ranked digital currency BNB, which is the altcoin project of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance and powers operations on the Binance Smart Chain, has reached a new historic peak, surpassing $ 660.

In addition, the market value of BNB is currently 100 billion dollars. However, it has not yet been included in the top 100 asset list by market value. In order to enter, it has to exceed the $ 144.97 billion Charter Communication company. Shell and Shopify follow Charter Communication with $ 145.52 and $ 146.94 billion.

The biggest altcoin also made ATH!

Binance Coin was trading at $ 635 today around 14:22, and within minutes it jumped above $ 650. Then he saw $ 660. BNB, one of the best performing coins this year, entered 2021 at around $ 35. While the 30-day earning provided by Altcoin to investors is 93.6%, the 1-year earnings it provides is at a level of 3.623%.

At the same time, Ethereum has reached a historic peak today. ETH, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap and the largest altcoin, is trading at $ 3,148 at the time of writing. Altcoin surpassed the $ 3,000 level for the first time in history around 04:00 today. It then continued to rise and even hit $ 3,200.

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