The progression of Hitman 2 can be transferred to the new installment, just like the scenarios of the first two chapters.

Agent 47 will not miss the new generation of consoles, even if it is also planned for current machines. Hitman 3 was announced during the event in which Sony presented the new PlayStation 5 titles, where we could see the first trailers. IO-Interactive will close the new trilogy with a production that will detail its news as the months go by. Meanwhile, the developer has just issued a streaming development diary in which new details have been revealed, such as the characters that will be part of the main cast.

Our protagonist will be, as usual, Agent 47 (played by David Bateson). But the world of Hitman 3 is populated by many other characters, some of them main. They are Olivia Hall (Isaura Barbe-Brown), Lucas Gray (John Hopkins), Diana Burnwood (Jane Perry) and The Constant (Philip Rosch).

IO-Interactive has also reported that there will be 6 locations open from day 1. It should be noted that the progression of Hitman 2 can be carried over to this third installment. On the other hand, you can also import the scenarios from the previous two titles. Nibel, one of the most active Internet users in reporting on video games, has picked up an interesting curiosity: it is possible to climb on the roofs of buildings in Dubai, the first level of the video game.

A new path for study

Since Square Enix and IO-Interactive separated their ways, the developer has found a new ally. Warner Bros. Games has already been responsible for publishing Hitman 2 and will do the same with the new video game. Furthermore, both parties are working on unpublished intellectual property that they have not yet said absolutely nothing about.

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Hitman 3 does not have a confirmed date, but it does have platforms. If nothing changes, it will go on sale on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.


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