Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive, who decided to publish their games themselves, said that the sales of their latest game Hitman 3 increased 300 percent.

New information was shared about Hitman 3, the latest Hitman game developed and developed by IO Interactive, and the studio.

Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive, shared some developments about the company the other day. According to Hakan Abrak, Hitman 3 sold 300% more than Hitman 2, the previous game in the series. The game’s review scores and general comments were already better than the previous games.

In addition, according to Hakan Abrak, the company is going to grow in the same way. He also announced that after IO Interactive’s studios in Copenhagen and Malmö, they are now opening their third studio in Barcelona.

The company is currently working on an online-focused game and a high-budget James Bond game. We hope it will be at least as successful as Hitman 3.

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