Honda announces the limited edition special edition of the 2021 Civic Type R. The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is made in yellow only and stands out as a lighter, faster car than the standard model.

It was the first time that the Type R, Limited Edition, which Honda Civic reached its peak in terms of performance. This special version of the Honda Civic Type R was produced in limited numbers, as the name suggests. Honda has announced that the new performance vehicle is lighter and can be used on standard roads.

The first noticeable change in the 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition is the vehicle’s distinctive Phoenix Yellow color. This vibrant color selection is complemented by a black roof, mirrors and air intake on the hood. BBS ’20-inch wheels, which also produce wheels for Honda’s NSX and S2000 models, draw attention.

The wheels of the vehicle are not only designed to complete the design; It’s part of Honda’s changes to the Limited Edition. They are about 8 kilos lighter than standard wheels.

Honda has saved all over the car, including the roof, instrument panel, spare tire cover. The Limited Edition is about 31 pounds lighter in total than the standard Type R. In the European version, there will be no air conditioning and infotainment system to save weight, which will make the car 47 kilograms lighter.

In addition to the air conditioning, infotainment system, all Honda Sensing safety features such as the automatic emergency brake and adaptive cruise control will be standard on the model to be released in the USA.

The Limited Edition will also feature the new LogR data logging system, like the 2020 Civic Type R. The car also has refurbished shock absorbers and steering to prevent jolts.

Honda says the Civic Type R Limited Edition is faster than the normal Type R, but it has not elaborated on it. It is also reported that Honda will bring the Limited Edition vehicle to Nurburgring for testing. The tests will be done to see how fast the car is and the record attempt will not take place.

2021 Honda Type R Limited Edition will be released this summer. Honda has not announced the car’s pricing information yet, but will likely announce it as it approaches its sales date.


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