Hong Kong Customs seized 300 crypto-mining graphics processing units (GPUs) in its anti-smuggling operation.


Operation performed

The government agency said on Saturday that it carried out the operation in the waters off Hong Kong International Airport on Friday and “identified a large number of suspicious men carrying cartons from a fishing vessel to a speedboat.”

The suspects immediately jumped on the speedboat and fled to mainland China as the officers took action for the suspicious activity. The government agency then seized goods on the speedboat worth HKD 30 million ($ 3.8 million), suspected of being smuggled into mainland China.

Local broadcaster TVB reported that the goods seized during the operation included 300 crypto mining GPUs that could be Cryptocurrency Mining Processors released last month and taken over by NVIDIA.

In addition to the GPUs, officers also seized bottles containing expensive alcohol and cosmetics from suspected smugglers. The government agency said it later launched an investigation into the matter.


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