Honor 50, which is highly anticipated by the smartphone world, was displayed for the first time in blue and gold colors. He appeared alive with blood.


Honor 50, which was also on our news recently and is ready to debut, came to the agenda again. The phone, which will soon take its place on the shelves, continues to excite us. The flagship, which will come out with different color options, will bring stones to its rivals with many features. The phone, which attracts attention with its design and features, posed for the cameras with blue and gold colors today. Its gold design made the device look like a gold bullion.

Honor, which has left Huawei and is working on its own flagships, is currently preparing to launch a new smartphone. The phone, which will be launched soon in our country and in the world, appeared to the bloody live cameras once again.

Honor 50 Appears in Gold and Blue

As you may remember, the new phone model was leaked to the internet and our news took place, where the new phone model will appear with the Snapdragon 778G processor. The phone model, which continues to be eagerly awaited, looked quite nice with its gold and blue design. The 50, which will be one of the best phone models of the series, will feature two giant flats on the back cover and cameras inside these flats. The new phone series, which will come out with high-end processors, seems to sell a lot.


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