Separating ways with Huawei, Honor will continue its progress in the smartphone market with partnership initiatives.

Chinese smartphone maker Honor parted ways with parent company Huawei in November last year as US sanctions threatened the survival of the global smartphone industry. It seems that this move now benefits Honor a lot. According to a published report, Honor has signed partnerships with many companies that continue to work in the technology branch.

Huawei was having difficulties in obtaining chips, especially for its new generation smartphones. Honor, which has become an independent company in order not to be affected by these sanctions, has signed partnerships with giants such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, AMD, Intel, Micron Technology, Microsoft, Samsung, SK Hynix, and Sony. In this way, Honor took a sigh of relief in supplying the necessary technologies. The partnership agreements that have been made mean that we may encounter Honor devices that contain different technologies with different chips in the coming years.

Honor had launched its first smartphone as an independent company a few weeks before this news. Honor V40, which is newly introduced to users, is described as a mid-segment 5G smartphone powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ chipset. Now that the company has made deals with Qualcomm and Samsung, we will likely see Snapdragon or Exynos-powered smartphones in the future. There are even rumors that a Snapdragon 888-powered Honor smartphone will be released in the coming months.

While Honor was owned by Huawei, it focused on budget and entry-level products. However, as the company is now an independent smartphone maker, it must be able to compete with smartphones in the flagship segment with manufacturers such as Samsung and OnePlus. The company management is sure that these partnerships will meet the expectations of their consumers. “The last five months have been an extremely difficult but meaningful time for Honor,” said George Zhao, Honor’s CEO. “We feel the weight of expectations from industry partners and consumers and we continue our work in the best possible way.”

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Huawei reportedly sold around 70 million Honor branded smartphones last year. Analysts do not expect Honor to reach such a level of sales this year. However, the company is apparently quite optimistic and estimates that it will be able to ship up to 100 million smartphones by 2021. We will see how things will go in the future.

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