Honor has set its goal to produce and sell 100 million devices in 2021.
Recently, Zhixin New Information Technology Co. Ltd. Honor, which has become an independent company by being sold to the company, has set itself the goal of selling 100 million smartphones in 2021.

It is said that Honor has already negotiated with its suppliers in the USA for the production of 100 million devices. On the other hand, the United States of America needs to go through the approval process because the company is on the asset list. In this sense, it is not yet clear whether the required amount of ingredients can be produced.

In addition, the company is working to strengthen its supply chain. After the company was sold, it did not neglect to start negotiations with Qualcomm for chipsets. MediaTek, on the other hand, is evaluating the legal options to provide Honor with a chipset. Until now, most Honor devices were powered by the company’s own Kirin chipset. The latest sanctions against Huawei made Kirin chipset production impossible.

In short, whether Honor will reach its target of making 100 million units by 2021 will depend on its ability to supply components.

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