Honor, leaving Huawei last November, introduced a powerbank product during the day after the V40 it introduced this morning. This powerbank has 12.000 mAh large battery and 66 watts very fast charging. It is made of Powerbank polycarbonate material and has a light gray color. This powerbank can reach 100% of the battery of a mobile phone with a 4000 mAh battery 3 times.



This super fast charging and big battery powerbank supports 4 fast charging protocols. These;

It has technologies such as Power Delivery, Qualcomm Quick Charge, SCP and FCP. This product also supports security protocols. These are;

Security measures such as overcharging, low voltage, short circuit and over voltage protection are also included in this powerbank. In this powerbank, it is possible to charge products such as tablets, computers, smart watches, TWS headphones and fitness trackers with USB-C port.

Honor Powerbank, with super fast charging and a large 12,000mAh battery, was introduced in China and is available for sale at 359 Chinese New (approximately $ 55) on online e-commerce sites. These days, smartphone manufacturers have generally started to turn to fast charging technologies rather than battery size. We used to see 15 watt 18 watt fast charging technologies even in flagships. But now we see it in the entry segment, even in a mid-segment mobile phone, we think it is less than 18 watts. We’ve seen 30 watts, 33 watts, even 65 watts in the middle segment of the moment. On the flagships, Xiaomi even released a phone with 120-watt charging technology. Let’s see how many wastes will these fast charges be in the future? Will we be able to see 150 watts? You never know.


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