Huawei sold Honor to a consortium of 30 companies in November and is trying to restore relationships that have deteriorated under US trade sanctions. Partnership announced at Honor V40 event this morning



Honor CEO George Zhao announced partnerships with Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung and more

Speaking at the Honor V40 event earlier today, Honor CEO George Zhao signed agreements with leading chip makers Qualcomm and Intel. The new independent brand has also made important agreements with suppliers such as Samsung, Microsoft, AMD, Sony, MediaTek, Micron Tecnhology and SK Hynix. These agreements cover components such as chipsets, camera sensors and software in product lines such as phones, tablets, wearables, computers. In his statements at the Honor V40 event held in the early hours, George Zhao said:

The last five months have been an extremely difficult but meaningful time for Honor. We can feel the weight of expectations from industry partners and consumers.

Honor plans to provide a whole ecosystem rather than focusing on a single segment. However, smartphones will always remain at the center of the long-term strategy.


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